Frequently Asked Questions

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I get the Eduscene. Can I login here?

Yes, a subscription to the Eduscene magazine automatically subscribes you to an my Eduscene account online. Your details will have been sent with your latest Eduscene publication.

I don’t subscribe to Eduscene. Can I access the website?

No, to access myEduscene online, you have to have an Eduscene subscription. But we can get you on board in next to no time. Click here to subscribe

What is the cost of a subscription?

If you are in the school catchment area, your yearly subscription costs just £36. For those outside the school area, it costs just £45 for the UK, and this will include a smart, sleek folder for easy storage. We also welcome subscriptions to further afield – a European subscription costs just £55 per year, and for the rest of the world it’s £60. Click here to subscribe.

What does a subscription include?

A year’s subscription provides you with four high-quality magazines, and a folder for storage, as well as giving you a unique password to log in to myEduscene and enjoy numerous photos and videos, competitions, fun and games, and lots more. You won’t regret it! Subscribe here.

I already subscribe to Eduscene, but I’d like to subscribe for somebody else to receive it. How do I do this?

That’s excellent! Just click here to select the recipient's region and then fill out both your details and the recipient's details.